How to Choose Lighting for Your Home

Most people mistakenly think they can update their homes quickly just by changing the color. However, if you have outdated lighting, you really won’t be able to get the full look you are going for, without refreshing the lighting. A lighting change can give the room an entirely new look. At UpMarket, we recently helped a homeowner remove fixtures from the 80s and replaced them with fabulous, show-stopping lighting. The change TRANSFORMED the space!

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Room: Lighting sets the mood for the room and can also age / update home. 

What’s Out and What’s In:  

  • Mixing metals used to be a “no no,” but now it is interior designers are giving it a thumbs up! The chandelier doesn’t have to match the knob pulls and the faucet anymore!

  • With today’s open floor plans, keep in mind that you will SEE multiple light fixtures at the same time, so they need to complement each other. They just don’t have to match.

Consider the Space When Selecting Lighting:

  • Consider the size of the room because the scale of a room directly affects the size of the furniture.

  • Consider how much light is needed. Are you lighting a corner, a picture, or a whole room?

  • What is the reason for the light? Is it for an office, bathroom, makeup area, kitchen, or laundry room? All those spaces have drastically different lighting demands. Even the choice of bulb you use will change, depending on the space.

Examples of Lighting at UpMarket That Will Make a Big Impact:

  1. Entry Way: The Currey light is great for an entry. Its mother of pearl accent provides a beautiful texture and looks great in anything from a beach home to an elegant entry way. It really lightens up the space.

  2. Lamps:
    • Designers prefer lamp lighting to overhead, canned lighting.
    • Lamp light isn’t as harsh and provides a warmer looking space.
    • Lamps can be really cool and can create their own look in your home. Plus, they can add a POP of style to a room.
    1. Chandeliers Are Commonly Used in Both Dining and Living Areas
    • In dining areas: People often invest the most money here because it is a focal point.

    • For the living room: How about the Hammerton Studio Rock Crystal Chandelier? (coming soon to our store) Fully customizable, you can select the finish, glass coloring, shape of glass, and size. These chandeliers are very eye catching and provide a unique look which, in turn, attracts attention.
      1. Kitchen Pendant Light: These Ellisse Pendant Lights are really popular and can be used alone or in groups, for a larger space. This handmade blown glass pendant light is expertly crafted by Hammerton artisans. The pendant createsa magical dance of light and color, particularly when paired with clear or vintage bulbs. This pendant light suits a wide range of interior styles.
        1. Dining Table or Island: Think Hammerton Axis Pivot. The linear length corresponds well with a dining table or island. LED lights give off great light, and it isn’t like anything you will see in most homes. It has a modern look,
          with it glacial, glowing ends.

          Need new lighting for your home? Contact the experts at UpMarket, who can transform your space. Call today: 210-698-7774.