How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color

One look at that massive paint color wall and its easy to understand why choosing the perfect paint color for your home can seem daunting. Over the years the team at UpMarket have developed some tried and true guidelines for selecting colors and we are happy to share those tips with you!

Why It’s So hard: First, change is SCARY because you will have to live with your decision for years, since repainting can be costly. How do you decide on a color when there are endless options and combinations? The color you picked on the paint chip at Sherman Williams, in the light of day, seemingly changes on the wall, throughout the day, depending on the light. Or maybe you were sold on a color you saw in someone else’s home, but now it doesn’t look the same in your home.  Yes, choosing a paint color can be daunting, but there is help.


1. Don’t choose a color too quickly. Take a few days and try these strategies to help you decide. Do the following:

  • Try the paint out by purchasing tester pots and painting large pieces of poster board. Put the poster board up in your room and live with it up and watch how it reacts to the light throughout the day and into the evening.

  • Use peel-and-stick paint samples made with real paint. We love ordering from (

    2. Ask for an expert’s opinion. Hiring an interior designer to help you select paint colors can be a huge time saver. Draw on their experience in seeing colors in real life to have a safe bet on what will work in your home. 

    They have a knack for the following:
    • Taking into account the floors, trim, cabinets, and even furniture, to make sure the color complements and doesn’t compete.

    • Considering undertones: On a paint strip, as you move down the strip, the colors darken. That will be the “undertone” of all colors on that strip. A grey color with a blue undertone might come off as light blue, in the wrong light, so you have to be careful.

    • Using different colors, moving from room to room is fine. Designers just make sure all those colors, laid out next to each other, complement each other. The result will be pleasing to the eye and will create a cohesive look for your home.

    • Considering the exterior of your home that is visible from inside, designers know that those colors will have influence on your home and can be utilized for a big impact.

    Paint Finishes Guide:

    • Flat FinishesEasy to repaint and hides blemishes well. Great for low-traffic areas, interior walls, and ceilings.

    • EggshellGood for an elegant look. It still hides blemishes on the walls.  These finishes are beautiful in moderate traffic areas like a living room.

    • Satin These finishes are beautiful, but they must have a near perfect wall surface because blemishes show. These finishes work great in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, with some exposure to moisture.

    • Glossy and Semi-GlossThese finishes are for high sheen effect and are perfect for cabinets and trim. They are durable and will hold up well over time. Application takes many, thin layers of paint to get the correct coverage.

    • Lacquer FinishThis finish requires 10 or more layers to get a thick, glossy finish. Although the application time is consuming, the final product is beautiful.

    New Color Trends: The new trend for using color moves away from the cool tones.  Now, the warmer tones of beige and taupe are considered more desirable. However, trends are just that…trends. We suggest that you don’t get caught up on the latest color craze, pick a color palette that makes you happy and works well with the décor you already own. 

    Need help pulling it all together? The team at UpMarket is ready to help you find the décor that will complement your paint in any room!