How To Style An Entryway

Why is it important to have a nice looking entry?

The entry is the first thing people see, and it gives the first impression of your home. Think of it as the gateway to your home, and if it’s unique and interesting, then it will draw people in to discover more about the rest of your home.

Common Problems:

  • The space is left empty, cold, and sparse.
  • The space is not taken advantage of.
  • There is too much focus on symmetry.
  • The space is overcrowded.

How Do I Style My Entryway:

1. Analyze the space.

Do this by measuring, deciding about storage needed, and determining lighting outlets. A big part of the analysis involves an evaluation of the room’s scale. If you have tall ceilings, you can use taller accessories, artwork, tables, and add lamps.

2. Choose your base-or "anchor" item.

    This piece goes in first. All the details are added around it.

    For a smaller space, a narrow console table or a piece of art would be suitable.  For example, this small profile iron and wood table that we have in the store would work great. It can also be customized by changing the color of the iron and word or adding glass instead of wood.

    We also love this Chamcha wood table as a great entry table piece. It gives a natural element to the room and is deserving of a double take.

    How the space works determines what you choose. For example, if the door opens into it, a table may not be possible, so art or a mirror would be more appropriate for the anchor item.

    For a larger space, make sure you fill it appropriately with items such as lamps, statues, artwork, and florals.

    Create an interesting space by using abstract pieces that have dimension instead of a typical art / mirror piece. These white iron metal orchids look great above a table in an entry. Notice how the eye is drawn from the lamp up using these pieces. 

    3. Consider how the space is used.

    If you just throw your keys or mail on it, then a table with drawers for mail or a tray to hold the keys would be fitting.  

    4. Balance the space

    Place a tall object on one side, such as a lamp or floral. Then, balance that on the other side to keep things balanced. It’s not the quantity of things, but how pleasing they are to the eye. If the space is so small that there isn’t room for décor, then a very stylish rug can be added to the entry.

    5. Examples of items you can use to style your entryway

  1. Items to add height: Are you as obsessed with these glass horns as we are? The vase behind it is pretty fabulous too.

  2. Lamps: Lamps are another great way to add height and illumination. Select lamps that are statement pieces, like this charred wood inside lucite that we have in store.

  3. Mirrors: Large mirrors are a great addition to the entryway. They reflect light, create illusion of a large space and are great for that last minute once over before you head out the door. We love the natural wood element in this mirror in store.

  4. Candles: Baobab candles are excellent layering pieces. They come in many sizes and have beautiful colored vases that make an impact. There are one of our favorite designing pieces because they come in different scents, add a pop of color and when they burn down you can repurpose as a beautiful vase.
  5. How Can UpMarket Help with This Process?

    We can accommodate every style and every type of space.  In our store, we have tables, rugs, lamps, artwork, mirrors, statues, and florals—in short, everything to make that first impression-- and we have a great variety of it to compliment your home.  We can also bring items to your space, so you can see exactly how they will look, in your home.   In addition, we encourage clients to incorporate their own, personal touches and encourage you to shop your own house for lamps, coffee table books, candles, vases, statues, and other accessories you might already have that can be utilized in your space.  Give us a call today and let us help you elevate your space. | 210.698.7774