Luxury Faux Florals - So Real, No One Will Know


What is the secret finishing touch that all designers utilize to “finish off” their room designs? You guess it, faux florals! (Maybe the title gave it away?)

Loved and used by designers because of their versatility, Faux Florals are a great way to soften and warm a space. Notice how faux greenery is strategically used in most magazine room scene displays.

Strategic Placement

Using some nice color inside or outside a living space can give a more inviting vibe. Faux Florals are great for houses that have a more modern look, as well as those that could otherwise get a little “sterile.”  

Greenery is also perfect for a tough corner or niche. You don’t always want to buy a piece of furniture, lamp, or random vase to fill a space that won’t get much traffic. A well-placed tree or plant can fix that spot in an instant!


Faux Florals are a great when used appropriately. Be careful not to over-do florals though. They should give a nice POP, but you don’t want them to be the entire theme of your home.

Care and Durability

Faux Florals look real, but they come without the maintenance required of real plants! Anyone else a serial plant killer like us? 

They last a very long time. Just dust them like anything other décor you own. 


For colors, sizes, and variations—you have no worries. We have all kinds of plants to enhance your home.


UpMarket’s Owner, Cheryl Boriack, loves to use Faux Florals that are green and local to the area in which they are being used. For example, in the San Antonio area a favorite to use are agave plants.

Quality Matters

QUALITY faux greenery is harder to find.  You can find regular greenery everywhere, but greenery is not all created equal. One thing to look for is the way the greenery feels. A nice product will have the ability to be manipulated through wires placed inside. 

UpMarket Faux Florals look and feel REAL and come pre-built and ready for you to place and enjoy, right now.

What Are You Waiting For?

When we at UpMarket saw Faux Florals driving the market, we snapped them up for you. We would love for you to stop by to see our selection or call us and tell us what you are looking for. 

Make sure that you are finishing off your room design with Faux Florals, they are so real, no one will know!